Hate crime in the EU: prevention and restoration

Hate crime threatens European ideals of equality and human rights. The Quaker Council for European Affairs has produced a new background paper to raise awareness of hate crime and promote effective policies to reduce it. Read our background paper to find out why the small proportion of crime that is motivated by hatred, has such […]

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Walking the Circle – the 4 guiding pillars for a Circular Economy

walking the circle image

This paper outlines four key areas that QCEA, along with 11 other NGOs, believes that European Union institutions should work on to ensure a comprehensive European circular economy. The EU must focus on efficient material management, the reduction of toxic substances, energy efficiency and economic incentives. Working ambitiously across all these areas. in conjunction with […]

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A guide to getting involved: Europe and the local level

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This briefing paper explores the relationship between the European Union and the local and regional levels of government,  and considers how citizens can engage with the EU on regional issues. The paper examines the Committee of the Regions, the main link between local governments and the EU, explaining its structure, role and relations with other […]

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Report: EU Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan

Global challenges to sustainability – especially climate change and crises in energy, food and water supply – mean that European lifestyles must change. Governments have agreed to develop action plans for sustainable consumption and production (SCP) but their environmental, energy and food strategies are based mainly on finding new supplies rather than reducing consumption. The […]

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