QCEA Artikler Juni-August

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EU’s GLOBALE STRATEGI I ugen efter Brexit-afstemningen fremlagde EU-Kommissionens Vicepræsident Federica Moghe-rini sin nye globale strategi for lederne fra de 28 medlemsstater. Dokumentet erstatter det forrige’ EU- Sikkerheds Strategi’ fra 2003. Den nye Globale Strategi afsætter betydelig plads til diplomati og indeholder positive henvisninger til konflikt-forebyggelse. Men Strategien afspej-ler også en stigende tendens i Bruxelles […]

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Квакеры помогают разработке Европейским Союзом плана по безотходной экономике


В прошедшие месяцы Квакерский совет по европейским делам играл активную роль в процессе усовершенствования природоохранными неправительственными организациями пакета документов по «возобновляемой экономике», подготовленного Европейской комиссией. Представитель Квакерского совета по европейским делам Джордж Тарли встретился с представителями стран-членов Евросоюза и Европарламента для обсуждения конкретных предложений по сокращению отходов, их вторичному использованию и переработке, а также ограничений […]

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Quakers say ‘no’ to EU-US Trade deal

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19 May 2016 Five Quaker organisations from Europe and the United States have asked governments to say ‘no’ to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the controversial ‘mega’ trade deal being negotiated between the European Union and the United States. It is the first time that Quaker organisations, working on both sides of the […]

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10 key improvements to get the Circular Economy back on track

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Eleven NGOs working on the circular economy, including the Quaker Council for European Affairs, have come together to sign a statement outlining the 10 improvements that need to be made to the European Commission’s waste proposals, to get the Circular Economy package back on track. The Commission’s revised Circular Economy Package is weaker and less […]

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QCEA response to energy-from-waste roadmap


This response is the Quaker Council for European Affairs feedback on the recently published European Commission energy-from-waste roadmap. QCEA is concerned that this roadmap on the energy-from-waste communication could undermine the European Union’s laudable attempts to transition to a circular economy. Our response outlines a number of our concerns: overcapacity and lock-ins, waste prevention and […]

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Commission breaks “more ambitious” promise with new circular economy package

circular economy

Brussels, 2 December 2015 – for immediate release. The European Commission’s revised circular economy package, which was released today, aiming to make Europe less wasteful, but the package represents a step backwards from the Commission’s proposals in July 2014. When withdrawing the earlier proposals in December 2014, Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans promised to bring […]

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Walking the Circle – the 4 guiding pillars for a Circular Economy

walking the circle image

This paper outlines four key areas that QCEA, along with 11 other NGOs, believes that European Union institutions should work on to ensure a comprehensive European circular economy. The EU must focus on efficient material management, the reduction of toxic substances, energy efficiency and economic incentives. Working ambitiously across all these areas. in conjunction with […]

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Consultation response on corporate social responsibility

The European Commission has held a consultation on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Through responding to the questionnnaire, QCEA promotes its viewpoint that corporations should fundamentlaly change how they view themselves and their role in society. CSR is currently seen as an optional extra for companies to engage in, which might increase the profits to shareholders. […]

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Consultation Response: Green Paper on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

The Directorate General for Energy and Directorate General for Climate Action of the European Commission held a public consultation to gather views on its 2030 framework for climate and energy policies. The consultation gave stakeholders the opportunity to express their views on the type, nature and level of potential EU climate and energy targets for […]

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QCEA submission to EU consultation on fracking

Consultation response on fracking (alternative fossil fuels, or shale gas) in Europe In February 2011, citing needs for jobs, growth and European competitiveness, the European Council called for an examination of the environmental effects of hydrofracking. Hydrofracking is a method of harvesting gas held in impermeable rocks or coal. To release the gas from the […]

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