Kate McNally

QCEA Associate


In this role Kate acts as an expert consultant to QCEA’s quiet diplomacy processes, helping the team to build a unique atmosphere for off-the-record bridge building work. Kate has an exceptional ability to combine our Quaker commitment to sustainable and ethical food production, with a need for creative catering that helps to inspire the brave space we build in our meetings.

Kate is a familiar face to participants in the Council of Europe’s International NGO Forum where she has been a voice for intersectional feminist approaches and worked to share a Quaker vision of peace and justice. Over the last two years Kate has been involved in coordinating a range of anti-racism activities, including the weekly Race and Privilege Reading Group held at Quaker House.

During 2016-19 Kate served as our Forced Migration Project Coordinator acting as a hub to connect Quaker migration projects in different parts of Europe. In this role Kate coordinated an 18 month trauma programme for migration volunteers which ended in September 2019. Beyond QCEA, Kate is engaged in other activities in the European Quaker community and to support undocumented migrants.