Action Alerts

QCEA operates an Action Alert List. Sign up to be alerted from time to time about actions you can take to have a voice at the European level. Subscribers to our action alerts will receive occasional e-mails with information about the background for the action suggested. Action alert suggestions may include responding to EU consultations or writing to your MEP.

You can sign up for specific programme areas or for all areas. To sign up, please send us an e-mail to ‘office at qcea dot org’, stating in the subject line ‘QCEA Action Alert List’. Please include your name, your e-mail address, the country where you live, the country whose citizenship you hold (this is important because sometimes it is necessary for someone to be a citizen of a particular country in order for the action we propose to be effective), and the programme areas you would like to be alerted about.

The current programme areas are:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Peace
  • Palestine/Israel
  • Sustainability and Energy
  • European Union Research Funding

Click here to send an e-mail.