Support our Work

QCEA cannot function without your involvement and support. Here is some information about the various ways you can become involved and how you can support our work financially.

Action Alert List

QCEA operates an Action Alert List to alert subscribers to opportunities to directly influence the European institutions.

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Spread the Word

If you would like to give information to your local Meeting or other group/organisation about QCEA and our work, we can supply you with some basic information and speaking notes. Please give us reasonable notice to supply this in order to ensure that we can meet your deadline. You can also use the brief summary of our work which you can find in our most recent Annual Report by clicking here.

Staying informed and supporting our work financially

Around Europe

You can stay informed about our work by subscribing to our newsletter Around Europe. You can do this as an individual, as a Quaker Meeting or as an organisation.

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Individuals and Quaker Meetings or other organisations can support our work by becoming Associate or Supporting Members.

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QCEA is entirely dependent on income from Quakers, preparative, local, monthly, area, general, and quarterly Meetings and from Quaker (and some non-Quaker) trusts. We receive no funding from either national governments or the European institution and we do not actively seek such funding. We are therefore always grateful for your donations which enable us to carry on the work we do. Both one-off and regular donations are most welcome and immensely helpful to our work.