Study and Advocacy Tours

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What is going on in Brussels and Strasbourg? Interested in Europe, the EU, and the Council of Europe? Want to learn more?

The British vote to leave the European Union in June 2016 was the culmination of months of divisive and misleading campaigning, which appealed to the worst instincts of human nature. Scaremongering over immigration, the cost of membership and the EU's intentions outweighed facts and reasoned debate, with one government minister going so far as to declare that the voting public had “had enough of experts.” Unfortunately, similar sentiments are being expressed more frequently across Europe, with the future of European cooperation being called into question as a result.

The EU represents a vital symbol of peaceful cooperation in Europe, as well as a major actor in global peace, development and security policy, but few people know much about it. In a “post-truth world,” where opinions are increasingly weighted by their volume as opposed to their content, taking the time to understand the issues is more important than ever. Learning about the EU and seeing how it works is the best way to separate fact from fiction, allowing us to better defend – or criticise – the European project from a sound base.

The Quaker Council for European Affairs is organising a Study Tour to Brussels and Strasbourg from 24 June-1 July 2017, which will offer a unique insight into the European institutions and how they work, as well as how they influence Quaker concerns such as peace, human rights and sustainability at a global level. The tour will be led by a team from the QCEA office in Brussels, and will include:

  • guided visits of the EU institutions in Brussels, including the European Commission and Parliament;
  • a visit to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, including the Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly;
  • the opportunity to meet MEPs and to discuss key issues with European policymakers;
  • thematic talks on European cooperation and relevant policies;
  • the opportunity to discover two fascinating cities at the heart of Europe, together with a small group of like-minded people.

The week-long Study Tour costs between €483 and €622 (approx. £407-£524), depending on your preferred choice of accommodation. The price includes accommodation and travel between Brussels and Strasbourg, as well as breakfast and certain other meals.

Want to hear what previous Study Tour participants have to say about their experiences? Watch the video below: