Part of the EU Budget, the Research Framework Programme provides a significant amount of funding for a broad range of research.

QCEA has been active in reviewing the use to which this funding is put, particularly in terms of the security research theme of the current Framework Programme (FP7). We published a briefing paper in July 2011.

The current Framework Programme comes to an end in 2013 and the proposals, under the title Horizon 2020 are being drafted and debated now. The European Commission conducted consultations both on an Industrial Policy for the Security Industry and on a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation.

QCEA responded to these consultations. Here are our responses to the consultation on security research and our response to the strategic framework.

QCEA also cooperated with a network of NGOs and academics to write an open letter setting out our priorities which advocates that public research should benefit society and not big business. The statement is available in English, fran├žais and Deutsch

The European Commission published its proposals for the next Research Framework Programme (called Horizon 2020) in November 2011. QCEA has produced a briefing paper in response to these proposals setting out our main concerns as they relate to the security research agenda, ethics and the participation of third countries in research programmes. Read the briefing paper here.