The Future of Europe

‘The Spiritual Values and Citizenship’ project was undertaken by QCEA during 2001-2003. The Briefing Papers on this page are part of that project and were written and accurate at that time.

  1. The Future of Europe Debate (PDF – 39 KB)
  2. Aims and Values of the EUs (PDF – 36 KB)
  3. Discussion: What are ‘Spiritual Values’? (PDF – 34 KB)
  4. Discussion: The European Union and Civil Society (PDF – 45 KB)
  5. Discussion: The European Union in World Politics (PDF – 46 KB)
  6. To Find Out More (PDF – 44 KB)

These Briefing Papers are also available in French and German.  Click on the links below to download zip archive files containing the full set of briefing papers in those languages.

QCEA also published a report on the project under the title: ‘Values Matter – Quakers reflect on Europe’ which is available to download here (PDF – 450 KB).  The report is only available in English.

QCEA gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the European Commission for this project. This publication reflects the author’s views. The Commission is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained in this publication.’