Why did QCEA work on this issue?

In 2006 European decision-makers decided to undertake a ‘full, wide ranging review covering all aspects of EU spending, including the CAP, and of resources, including the UK rebate, to report in 2008/9’. In September 2007 the Commission launched a public consultation to prepare for the review, in which all interested parties are invited to contribute.

QCEA believes that for citizens to engage in political decision-making, the financial basis of political institutions and policies must be transparent.

We therefore engaged in this process in order both to contribute, and to argue for transparency.


QCEA’s work with other NGOs

QCEA has been working with other organizations; we have been leading – on behalf of the Human Rights and Democracy Network – the working group of the Civil Society Contact Group.

The group issued an initial statement which can be found by clicking here.

The group contributed to the consultation and its response can be found by clicking here.