EU negotiations on next budget framework (from 2010 – ongoing)

The EU works with multi-annual budget frameworks. The current framework comes to an end in 2013 and the negotiations for the next framework are beginning. This is a continuation of the process which from 2007 until this year ran under the title of EU Budget Review.

Why is QCEA working on this issue?

  • We believe it is important that budget, and budget planning processes are transparent and understood by citizens; we want to contribute to such transparency and understanding
  • The allocation of funding to a number of key policy areas which QCEA is concerned about (external action; foreign policy; conflict prevention and peacebuilding; research; energy policy for example) will be reviewed as part of this process; QCEA wants to be in a position to input into such reviews

QCEA works with a number of other NGOs on these issues including the Civil Society Contact Group and EPLO.

The work

On behalf of the Human Rights and Democracy Network, one of the eight member platforms of the Civil Society Contact Group, QCEA led on the development of a policy statement at the beginning of the negotiations which will lead to the next EU budget framework for the period after 2013. You can read the full statement by clicking here.

In June 2011, QCEA was part of a network of NGOs who collaborated on a joint open letter to the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, on the funding of scientific research from EU budgets.  The open letter is available to download in English, French and German (pdf – around 70kB each).

QCEA will continue to work with others over the next 2 years on this issue.

Briefing papers

We are publishing briefing papers which explain the process and our advocacy position from time to time and we use these to advocate towards the EU Institutions now engaged in this process.

  1. Briefing Paper – European Commission Proposal for the EU Budget 2014 – 2020 (pdf – 127kB) >>
  2. Briefing Paper – EU External Action – The Agenda as Reflected in Spending Priorities (pdf – 181kB)>>
  3. Briefing Paper – EU Budget: Integrating energy security, climate change, and green agenda in the Multi-annual Financial Framework (pdf – 156kB)>>