Why did QCEA work on this issue?

The European Parliament Elections took place from 4 to 7 June 2009. It was an important opportunity for citizens to make their voices heard at a European level and QCEA decided to support Friends and those in sympathy with Friends in their endeavours to engage with this process. This was a direct response to the extremely low participation rates in elections at European level.

The purpose of this programme of work was to:

  1. Make available helpful and accessible information to citizens to enable them to engage with the current political processes within the European Union Institutions
  2. Make available material on key issues which QCEA is working on in a format to make its use in the context of these processes easy
  3. Identify sources of useful information provided by others
  4. Engage with decision makers directly where this is appropriate.

Our work does not have a party political dimension and in the case of the European Parliament election process this does bear repeating. We did not endorse the manifestos of any political party or group; and we did not recommend voting behaviour beyond a recommendation to use the vote.

Briefing Papers

These briefing papers give a variety of information on the European elections. This includes an introduction to the European Parliament, information on voting procedures in different EU member states and a series of briefing papers on different QCEA advocacy messages. These cover issues that may be of particular interest to Quakers with recommendations to the next European Parliament and questions Quakers may wish to ask their MEP candidates.