10 key improvements to get the Circular Economy back on track


Eleven NGOs working on the circular economy, including the Quaker Council for European Affairs, have come together to sign a statement outlining the 10 improvements that need to be made to the European Commission’s waste proposals, to get the Circular Economy package back on track.

The Commission’s revised Circular Economy Package is weaker and less ambitious than the original version that was withdrawn in 2014, but the European Parliament and the European Council have a chance to fix this MEPs now have the chance to fix this.

The 10 proposals focus on boosting waste prevention, reuse and recycling, while limiting waste that is lost to incineration and landfill. QCEA believes these proposals will help move Europe beyond just a recycling society, towards a truly circular economy.

Read the statement here.

You can find more information on the circular economy here and QCEA’s work on the issue here.