Consultation response: more Sustainable Consumption and Production

While we welcome the Commission’s flagship initiative entitled A resource-efficient Europe, and more sustainable consumption and production policy development, we still consider the effort to be too vague. We also do not understand why the resource efficiency strategy has been included in the Europe 2020 Strategy. We consider the former to be a concrete expression of the sustainability strategy adopted in Gothenberg in 2001 and revised in 2006, if nothing else because the time-scale extends well beyond the year 2020.

We call upon the Commission to revive a genuine sustainability strategy for the European Union, instead of trivialising its responsibilities in this very important regard. It is not fruitful to argue about the relative effectiveness of, say incentives versus regulations, as this consultation attempts. Early progress, and substantially increased investment levels are still recognised as vitally important to delivering a low-carbon, low-resource future for Europe.

Read QCEA’s consultation response (PDF – 99 Kb)

Results of the Consultation

No results of the consultation have been made public yet.